How Safe Is My State Pension ?

How Safe Is Your State Pension

How Safe Is My State Pension? Here in the UK we all contribute into a national insurance scheme which is designed to give us a basic state pension currently £144/week. ($200). The terms, conditions and payout of this pension scheme have been amended by every single government that I can remember and the UKs current Conservative Government has done more amending than most. The most notable change being the age at which people qualify for their pension being put back from 65 to 68. This change is expected to save the government nearly £500bn over the next 30 years. Another big pension change is currently in process, with the introduction of compulsory private pension saving for … [Read more...]

The Year Of Systems

The year of Systems

2014 The Year Of Systems There are no New Years resolutions being made on this website. I know what I need to do in order to improve my life. I need to implement systems in my working and family life. This fact slowly started dawning on my towards the back end of 2013 when I found out that will power alone isn’t enough to make substantial behavioural change. Each time I sat down and promised myself that I would change – I haven’t. Each time I’ve sat down and created a new system – its worked. The first system implementation I undertook last year was sitting down and writing out my first ever spending plan. The second was diarising my daily expenditure – to keep it … [Read more...]