Retirement Income Less Than An Hours Planning

less than an hour

Would You Plan Your Retirement Income In Less Than An Hour ?  New research, by Legal & General (a big UK insurance company) , shows that over one in ten (12%) of the nation’s retirees spent less than an hour researching, choosing and arranging one of life’s most important decisions – their retirement income.   Total time spent planning and arranging retirement income:   Time % of all respondents Less than an hour 12% 1 week or less 33% 1 month or less 43% 3 months or less 49% A year or over 16%   Yet, when it comes to their plans for their life after work, the nation’s retirees take their time to plan and … [Read more...]

Great News For Savers

Great News For SAvers

Great new for savers .......At Last Here in the UK have been given some great news for savers today when the government announced a massive increase in the annual amounts that can be saved tax free ! Here in the UK we can now save up to £15,000pa (orUS$24,000) up from the £11,580 per year that you could previously save in a tax free account. The UK the government have for many years made a half hearted attempt to encourage people to save via a scheme called an "Individual Savings Account". Most commonly know them as "ISAs" these accounts allow you to hold, cash, funds and individual stocks and shares in a tax free wrapper. They incur no tax on any income you take from them, and … [Read more...]

Why Save For Children

Happy child with painted hands

Why Save For Children ? We all want the best for our children.  We want them to get the best education, get ahead, get a good start in life. Even before our children are born, we dream about who they will become, what they will achieve and how they will develop into such great adults that we can bask in their reflected glory. Its natural and part of the nurturing instinct we all have within us. We know that most likely somewhere down the line, we as parents will have to fund school holidays, cars, university fees and weddings. Despite the fact that rights of passage such as these are expensive – we look forwards to them. The average cost of a wedding in 2013 was … [Read more...]

Who Wants To Be A Billionaire ?

Who wants to be a billionaire

I watched this interesting program on TV last night Who Wants to Be A Billionaire One guy Naveen Jain was especially interesting, and gave away some great one liners "When you tell someone what you're doing and they don't think its a crazy idea - then you're thinking too small" "I work long hours - there is no substitute" " No matter how smart you are - there is no substitute for hard work" " If you want to succeed in life you have to be at your best - and the only way to be at your best is to give 100% of yourself" Interviewer Question - "A lot of people believe that entrepreneurs take risks" - Naveen Jain response  "No its not true at all....entrepreneurs hate risk, … [Read more...]

Doing The Business

Doing The Business

My posting has been slack - but my work rate hasn't - I've been doing the business Over the last couple of weeks, I've been bedding down my new guy at work and trying out some new ideas with him to see how to get the best out of his knowledge, experience and contacts. Since I started this blog, I've never come clean about what I do for a living. I'm a Financial Planner !  I run a small one man (now two) practice in Manchester UK. Maybe the reason why I've been so coy about telling people what I do for a business, is down to the very embarrasing £20k of debt that I've managed to collect over the last few years. But maybe I true to the stereotype - most brokers are broke! How can I … [Read more...]