Saving Or Investing ?

Saving Or Investing

I've read quite a few articles and blogs recently which seem to confuse the two separate principles of saving or investing. In my opinion Savings and Investing are two different things. Saving can mean reducing the amount of money or time you spend on something but when comparing saving to investing I think that saving can be described as putting money aside in cash, or deposit style account. These savings accounts carry little to no investment risk (eg you won't make a lot, but you won't lose much either). You can either make a nil return - by stashing your savings under the bed or a safe but low return from a bank or deposit account. Investment involves risk and chance - plus … [Read more...]

Rubbish At Ebay

Rubbish At Ebay

I’m rubbish at Ebay Last year, I wanted to show my eldest son (aged 17) that money doesn’t grow on trees, and that the money he receives from the “bank of dad” is hard earned. We love having the occasional little boy project – counting the hairs on one leg below the knee to see who was the manliest was one recent event, regular fishing competitions keep things nicely competitive between us, and a shared love of football always keeps the banter flowing. So last year – I thought I would do a good dad thing and show him that making some extra money isn’t too hard to do, its just needs a good idea and a little bit of time. Getrichwithme Junior decided that he would have enough time … [Read more...]

Are Coinstar Machines A Tax On The Stupid

cash bag

Are Coinstar machines a tax on the stupid ? Coinstar machines are found in Supermarkets, usually near the photo booth. People come with a bag of coins, tip them into a hole in the machine, and then receive a chit (which they can spend in-store) minus a hefty fee for the privilege of having a machine count their money for them. The cost of using this machine is up to 11.9% !!!! I just cant believe that people are so lazy that their willing to lose up to 8.9% of their savings  in the UK,  up to 9.8% in the USA and up to a whopping 11.9% in Canada. It has to be one of the most convenient devices ever invented for the lazy and there must be plenty of takers as the company which owns … [Read more...]

How Safe Is My Pension ?

How Safe Is My Pension

How safe is my pension ? Have you ever wondered what would happen to your hard earned savings if your pension company went bust? Lots of people use the phrase “I don’t trust pensions” as an excuse to spend their earnings on immediate needs and conveniently forget to put something away for their old age. Often leaving pension saving until its too late. However. Over the last 20 years and especially in the last 10 years the rules, regulations and the regulatory bodies over seeing your pension have become much stronger. Here in the UK consumers have many levels of protection from financial fraud and mismanagement. We have a Financial Industry watchdog called the Financial … [Read more...]