A Rich Life

Its about leading a rich life – thats the tag line of this Get Rich With Me site.

I try to keep these pages real, and focused on whats happening in my life, usually specifically towards my finances.

But leading a rich life IS more important than having £$£$£$ in the bank

Friends, happy times, and the respect of your peers cant be bought with cash, or be increased by swelling your bank or investment account.

I am sure I’ve mentioned somewhere on this blog before now  that I’m a keen fisherman but I don’t think that I’ve mentioned that I spend a fair amount of time each week on campaigning for improved water quality in my local river. Battling against water utility companies about their sewage treatment plants and their raw untreated sewage discharges the river which runs behind my house, restoring polluted and damaged waterways and lakes, and encouraging people to take up fishing as a hobby.

Anyway – last weekend I was invited to Blenheim Palace near Oxford (the ancestral home of the Earl Of Marlborough and Winston Churchill) to pick up the UKs  highest award for “exceptional work in protecting and improving habitat”

What an honour :)


The number of interesting people I’ve met through this work, and the friends I’ve made have more than enriched my life. Its not all about money (though I did win a thousand pounds to spend on furthering our work), happiness and friendships are priceless.

I think that my “leading a rich life” tagline is more than appropriate.


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