I’m Mike – a 47 year old schmuck – who just like you has held a burning desire to be wealthy ever since finishing school, but who has made just about every mistake that its possible to make and is now heavily in debt.

Sitting at the bottom of a financial black hole, hopelessly procrastinating about what I was going to do “tomorrow” I finally had a financial and psychological epiphany – I’ve seen the light !

Not the sort of parting of the clouds biblical type of epiphany – just a call from a debt collection agency about an unpaid fine for not paying my taxes on time which came just as I was reading a book about personal finance.

All of these years, I’ve bumbled along – doing the bare minimum, a happy go lucky fella with a penchant for fishing, drinking beer and going on expensive holidays a couple of times a year. Sailing along in my own personal ship of fools.

This phone call was like a torpedo below the waterline – sinking my boat, shattering my dreams and bringing home the stark reality that I don’t earn enough, I spend too much, I owe too much, and that I’m a dreadfull role model to my two sons.

This blog is about how I am going to dig myself out of £22,500 (or $35,000) of debt, and make big changes in my attitude, my work commitment, saving commitment, and my commitment to my family who i love dearly and don’t want to dissappoint.

The majority of this card debt was acculmulated when I set up my own business in 2009 (just as the recession was really to kick in) when i had to support my family until my business started providing me with a decent turnover. However since then, I’ve made little effort to pay it back – just keeping up the minimum payments. And to my shame – spending on the occaisionl flight or hotel, has meant that my balances have slowly been creeping upwards.

If i carry on my life was I have done before – Its going to end in tears – and no one wants tears.

Please come back regularly and read up on how I’m getting on. Please leave me messages of support, and feel free to leave replies / comments if you agree, disagree or would like to add to what I’m doing or writing.

Thaks for visiting my pages – I hope you enjoy the read.