Twitter Waste Of Time


Twitter Waste Of Time I've had a Twitter account now for 12 months - and for the first time ever - my followers now outnumber the people I follow. However I've come to the conclusion that Twitter is nothing but a waste of time. Sold to many people (like me) as a "must do" for social engagment and building a blog/website audience it just sucks. Its taken me a year to build a following/follower base - and for the first time yesterday my followers outnumbered the people I'm following - does it matter ???? - not one bit. No one appreciates the fact that I follow them, and no one reads the tweets that I put out. Yesterday I tweeted this.....   to over 2,000 … [Read more...]

Better For Some, Worse For Others

Best Home For Your Savings

As Personal Debt Shrinks for Some, Others Face Crisis The way people spend money reveals a great deal about their financial attitudes. And if the recent uptick in consumer spending is any indication, UK shoppers are feeling pretty good about the economic recovery. But economic trends send mixed signals, so it makes sense to consider the big picture before jumping to conclusions. And though positive economic activity is good, by most measures, spending driven by debt is unsustainable. As many borrowers found out in 2008, taking-on too much debt leads to catastrophic outcomes. And though stop gap measures have been fortified within the mortgage industry, a new wave of debt is showing up, … [Read more...]

Like A Bad Penny

I'll be back

Like a bad penny - just when you thought you might have got rid of me I'M BACK Since I bought the house repossession last summer lots have things have changed in my life. I decided that I hated my day job - and put my business up for sale. It sold pretty quickly and I'm in the process of completing the deal right now. I've been ill :( about 3 months worth of having a very bad chest - so much so that it really knocked me off my feet for a while and anti biotics wouldnt touch it. Then my wife fell ill with the same thing. It was worse for my wife, as she was 6 months pregnant (hooray for the pregnancy -------- boooooooo for the illness) This bad chest led to her breaking a … [Read more...]

Buying A Repossession

Capture 14

The local estate agent has been busy in my street recently. One house had a for sale sign up for less than a month - and then sold at £125,000 ($212,500 in US funny money) The day after the sold notice went up on the first house, a for sale sign went up on the house next door asking for offers over £70,000 ($119,000). Now that's one heck of a difference for two identical properties. So - naturally intrigued (also called being a nosy neighbour) I called up the agent to find out what was the deal. It turned out that the second, very cheap property had been repossessed by the bank and was in a very poor state of repair. The bank were accepting offers on the property for a cash … [Read more...]

A Rich Life

A rich life

Its about leading a rich life - thats the tag line of this Get Rich With Me site. I try to keep these pages real, and focused on whats happening in my life, usually specifically towards my finances. But leading a rich life IS more important than having £$£$£$ in the bank Friends, happy times, and the respect of your peers cant be bought with cash, or be increased by swelling your bank or investment account. I am sure I've mentioned somewhere on this blog before now  that I'm a keen fisherman but I don't think that I've mentioned that I spend a fair amount of time each week on campaigning for improved water quality in my local river. Battling against water utility companies about … [Read more...]

The Advice I Never Got


    The advice I never got from my parents which I have given to my 18 year old son who has just finished school. My parents never spoke to me about money, my bank offered me an overdraft when I was 16 and I've had one ever since. I don't want history to repeat itself.   The Advice I Never Got Live below your means Once you get your first job, aim to save 20% of your net pay. There is no need to save more – life is for enjoying. Automate your savings – take the money you want to save out of your account on the day you get paid – it will stop you from spending it. Save up 3 months of living expenses and keep this in a deposit account to use as an … [Read more...]

Be An ISA Millionaire

Be A Millionaire

Do you want to be an ISA millionaire ? How long will it take you to be an ISA millionaire ? Here in the UK we have a fantastic tax free savings scheme called an ISA (Individual Savings Account) which allows people to save up t0 £15,000 per year in a tax free account. No tax on interest earnt, no tax on capital growth or dividends The only tax on these accounts Inheritance tax when you die Prior to July 2014 you could save a maximum of £5,640 in a cash ISA - which enabled you to save in a deposit style account And a maximum of £11,280 in a stocks and shares or investment ISA which enabled you to save in Unit or Investment Trusts, stocks and bonds. Yesterday the rules changed, … [Read more...]

Slow Motion Bank Robbery

Slow Motion Bank Robbery

While interest rates a currently low is saving a form of slow motion bank robbery ? A government raid on peoples wealth, the people who are too afraid to expose their capital to the risk of stock market investment.  At present - with inflation rates higher than the average deposit interest rates, the longer you save the less their worth. Recent figures from the tax authorities in the UK show that more than 75% of the money going into tax free savings accounts (called ISAs) are going into deposit style savings accounts rather than investment accounts linked to the value of assets such as property, stocks or bonds. Are people so frightened of money, and investment in general that … [Read more...]

I’ve lost a friend

lost a friend

Have you ever considered what happens when someone dies ? To be honest, I've never really given this much thought until recently losing a close friend and being asked by his family to help deal with his affairs. Over the last few weeks, I've been busy learning all about the legal and financial processes involved in dealing with the financial affairs of someone who is no longer with us, but not only this - dealing with his general life stuff too - from his newspapers to his house insurance to his driving licence. The list of things to do is huge. From helping to register the death, to helping to arrange a funeral, and then dealing with the financial affairs of someone who hadn't … [Read more...]

Saving Or Investing ?

Saving Or Investing

I've read quite a few articles and blogs recently which seem to confuse the two separate principles of saving or investing. In my opinion Savings and Investing are two different things. Saving can mean reducing the amount of money or time you spend on something but when comparing saving to investing I think that saving can be described as putting money aside in cash, or deposit style account. These savings accounts carry little to no investment risk (eg you won't make a lot, but you won't lose much either). You can either make a nil return - by stashing your savings under the bed or a safe but low return from a bank or deposit account. Investment involves risk and chance - plus … [Read more...]