February 14 Spending Plan

The site has been quiet the last couple of weeks.  Our toddler has been teething/poorly and my work routine has been disrupted. Writing new content has been the last thing on my mind.

That’s not to say I’ve not had a productive month, far from it. January 2014 has been more than eventful.

The month kicked off with me receiving 2 offers on my business – neither of which I accepted as they didn’t fully value my client base or offer me a big enough salary package that would tempt me away from my own autonomy.

Its flattering though that my little one man band business has created a blip on some of the bigger players radar screens. But I’m not going to sell out for less than I’m worth.

Over the last month, I’ve stuck to my spending plan – only £270 of personal expenditure and kept within my total budget of £2,000 per month. I’ve not taken on any more debt, paid off three of my smallest credit card balances and worked my socks off in the office to generate some new clients – which I hope to see the benefit come through in February and March.

Now back to the debts


This new found financial common sense has seen my credit card debts fall from £22,649 in July 2013 to a current debt of £18,463. A fall of £4,156 (or $6650) in only 6 months. The inspiration and strength that I’ve discovered has come through writing this website, and communicating with the kind folks who have left comments.

Thank You !

This coming month, I will be writing regularly again, hitting the phones harder at work to drum up trade, pay less interest on my debts, and increase my levels of over re-payments to pay them off faster.

It looks like I might be taking on a new employee in February – effectively doubling my workforce (me) overnight. I will know at the end of next week.

Exciting times.



  1. It sounds as if it has been a great month (e.g. paying off debt, new clients, etc.) for you. Great to see ya back, amigo.

  2. Good luck with your debt repayment. WE CAN DO THIS!

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