My Frugal Friends

My Frugal Friends

As well has having a frugal ride РI also have three very special frugal friends.

Their names are Fryer, Roaster and Zinger. The lady below is called Fryer and she is the boss.

Fryer1We bought them as hatching eggs from Ebay – popped them into a polystyrene incubator and 3 weeks later had fluffy new arrivals.
Our house in the suburbs of Manchester has a great big back garden (though you can keep chickens in a much smaller yard without them being stressed by confinement). So we let them free range as much as possible.

The chickens love roaming the garden each day, picking out all the pests from the garden, bathing in their favourite dirt bowls, and generally running around like mad chickens. Its great watching their crazy antics, and each one has its own personality. Because they’re handled regularly they are quite happy to sit on your knee and will eat out of anyones hand.

They live outdoors in homemade chicken run,  constructed out of an old sheet of ply board and some netting. It sits at the bottom end of the garden under the shade of the trees.

In exchange for a daily food and water, and all the kitchen scraps they can eat – we get 3 lovely eggs a day, nearly every day for 10 months of the year. Its only in the depths of winter that they stop laying for a few weeks.
Because our chicken are bantams (only half the size of a standard chicken) they only lay little eggs, but they taste like gourmet eggs compared to the ones you buy in the supermarket.
Little eggs, little chicks.

We love our chooks, so do all our neighbours children.
If you have the chance to do it – get some chickens – they’re great fun, lay lots of eggs for you – and if you get really fed up of them – you can eat them.


  1. Awww, those are such adorable chicken :)
    This post has transported me back to my childhood and the sweet memories of running after chicken….lol
    Its a wonderful experience for kids I believe and the fact that you also get eggs with the deal, its definitely worth it.

  2. We’re actually planning on getting chickens quite soon! Good to hear it’s going well for you.

  3. They are so cute! I wouldn’t be able to eat them, that’s for sure. I make great friends with animals. But, I would definitely love to have chickens for the purposes of getting eggs. I also want a goat, but unfortunately we aren’t allowed in our zone.

  4. Don’t think about it – do it !
    The eggs taste out of this world, so different from anything you can buy in a supermarket.
    I built our a chicken run from old timber, and bought some cheap chicken wire. We buy a 55lb sack of pellets about 3 times a year (which cost about $12 (£7) a time.
    We let them out in the garden every day for a scratch about.
    They are far and away the best pets we’ve ever owned.

  5. Would love to try some of those eggs… never heard of gourmet eggs before.

    • maybe I will take a photo of one of our chickens eggs in a pan, and one from the supermarket by its side. Only people with poor vision won’t be able to tell the difference

  6. The closest I’ve ever gotten to this is chicks in a classroom. It was really cool to watch them go from eggs to hatchlings to chicks ready to go home with students with parents who were willing to take them. The sad part was there always seemed to be one that was missing an eye or a leg or something, and the other chickens would peck it to death. We were dealing in much larger numbers than three, though. I bet the eggs are delish! Sounds like a pretty nice return…have you ever thought about selling the eggs? Do people even do that?

    • Yes – people do sell the eggs but keep much bigger nembers of birds than our three. But as we only get a couple of eggs a day – we either eat them, or sometimes give them away to friends

  7. We had to watch a group of baby chicks once for my daughter’s class. They were so cute. But they make such a mess and they are really fast if they get away from you.

  8. I was thinking about doing this as well and your story has helped me make up my mind to go and do it

  9. Your post reminded me of my farm.
    Fresh eggs from free range chickens are really something else.Nothing like the broiler ones from the shops.

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