Get Away From It All For The New Year

So as an antidote to all the other websites promoting the hottest stocks for 2014, and how to get over all your Christmas overspending – hows about this ” get away from it all ” idea as an option for 2014.

get away from it all

Screw the rat race, buy a one way plane ticket to Tahiti, then take a boat to the Palmerston Atolls which being part of the Cook Islands Archipelago is about as far from modern civilization as you can get.

get away from it all

Being a keen fisherman, the idea of living off my catch, and collecting coconuts from the trees brings alive the little Huckleberry Finn that lives inside me. I might be nearing 50 but I still have the heart of a 10 year old.

No more responding to emails, no more reading through dull mail, dealing with clients, filing tax returns etc ……….

I’ve even looked up online how much it would cost me to get there £1500 (or $2400) for a one way ticket with Air France to Tahiti. From Tahiti, I reckon it would be a 5 day trip by boat. So I’d need another £4000 to buy a second hand boat (see here) - then be on my way.

If you would like to know a little more about life on the beach in Palmerston Islands, have a read of this really interesting BBC Article about the history of Palmerston and its current inhabitants.

get away from it all

Main St, Palmerston Atoll, Cook Islands, Pacific Ocean.

Though this sort of “get away from it all ” or “Robinson Crusoe ” like existence might appeal while my minds wandering in the office on a New Years Eve afternoon, while I’m waiting to pack up for the day…….. in reality – my mind would fester in a place like this.

No internet, no books, no film, no contact with the outside world, only a small number of people to socialise with…….. how dull once the initial thrill has worn off.

However – I have a list of dreams in my head that I would like to fulfill before I eventually snuff it, visiting Tahiti was on this list (the list also  includes Salmon fishing in Iceland, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, crossing the Pyrenees on foot….(its a very long list of daydreams))

Now I can include sailing to Palmerston Island as a part of this list. Like all other great projects I undertake I shall start constructing a “to do list” straight away.

Dreams like this shall remain nothing but dreams till I get myself sorted, get debt free, and then become financially free.

I’m really looking forwards to the challenges that lie ahead in 2014. I will be updating my financial position for Dec in my next post. As its the year end, I’m going to go into a little more detail than usual – it will be a good reference for future posts.

In the mean time – Happy New Year

get away from it all

Heading In To Palmerston Lagoon


  1. Happy New Year, my friend. While I am certain there will be financial challenges in the new year, I am certain you will meet them with aplomb.

  2. That’s a great dream. I hope you sail out there someday.

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