Like A Bad Penny

Like a bad penny – just when you thought you might have got rid of me I’M BACK

I'll be backSince I bought the house repossession last summer lots have things have changed in my life.

I decided that I hated my day job – and put my business up for sale. It sold pretty quickly and I’m in the process of completing the deal right now.

I’ve been ill :( about 3 months worth of having a very bad chest – so much so that it really knocked me off my feet for a while and anti biotics wouldnt touch it. Then my wife fell ill with the same thing.

It was worse for my wife, as she was 6 months pregnant (hooray for the pregnancy ——– boooooooo for the illness)

This bad chest led to her breaking a couple of ribs through coughing – which in turn led to a bad back while she was compensating for the ribs. To ice the cake, she then fell down stairs and sprained both ankles.

Yes its been a fun winter in our household.

The good news is that spring has already sprung in our household – a new baby girl called Katy has arrived to brighten up our lives :) hooray

My business is nearly sold – hooray

I’ve nearly finished remodeling the repossessed house – hooray

I’ve been offered a job doing something related to my biggest passion in life (fishing boooo) – hooray

And – I’ve recieved my first Google adsense check ! !!!!   – hooray

I’ve missed blogging – but thankfully its like riding a bike – once you know how to do it – its always there.

I’m looking forwards to sharing more about my life and goings on with you………… lets roll

Like a bad penny – I’M BACK

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