I’ve lost a friend

Have you ever considered what happens when someone dies ?

To be honest, I’ve never really given this much thought until recently losing a close friend and being asked by his family to help deal with his affairs.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been busy learning all about the legal and financial processes involved in dealing with the financial affairs of someone who is no longer with us, but not only this – dealing with his general life stuff too – from his newspapers to his house insurance to his driving licence. The list of things to do is huge.

lost a friend

From helping to register the death, to helping to arrange a funeral, and then dealing with the financial affairs of someone who hadn’t made a will its been a very steep learning curve.

Its amazing how many people, organisations and agencies need to be contacted. Dealing with Tax, Local Authorities, Driving Licence Authority etc the list seems endless.

We couldnt find a will, so had to coduct a legal search for one – which proved that no will has ever been written. So we’re in the process of dealing with the estate in line with “intestacy law”

So, I’m becoming something of an expert in this field through necessity – though only for people who live in the UK.

Do you know of any blogs which have information for the USA , Canada or Australia – it might be interesting and helpful for people to compile a pooled resource?

Over the coming week I am going to write a detailed “to do list” which might help anyone who finds themselves in similar circumstances to me i.e. clueless







  1. Sorry to hear you’ve lost someone close to you. Thinking about you.

  2. Condolences to you and your friends family.

    There is a lot to sort out and it is a pain but also can help to take your mind off things and keep you busy in such bleek circumstances. Saying that there is something deeply sad and poignantly final about, for example, cancelling your friend/families phone number that they’ve had their whole life. It can be traumatic especially for the family to do this so you are doing a very kind thing in helping with all these affairs.

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