Navel Gazing

Writing this blog has brought about a lot of self reflection – navel gazing, and as a consequence, I’m constantly being hit in the face by facts that I don’t particularly like.

I’ve started writing down my own character traits – and they make grim reading. Have a read of this list and you’ll think its amazing that I have the audacity to write a blog called “Get Rich With Me”.

Maybe my blog should be called “sit on the sofa for hours thinking about what I should do next and then never doing them dot com”

I’m such a mind butter fly that I’ve just this second checked up that the domain name “” is available – it is!

So is

Maybe I should buy them, and add them to the long list of other domain names that I own but do nothing with.

These are the character traits which I’ve decided describe me to a tee

  • Indolent
  • Lazy
  • Pleasure Seeking
  • Anxious
  • Lacking In Will Power
  • Lacking In Concentration
  • Chronic Procrastinator
  • Amazing organiser of others and connector of people – though terrible organiser of myself


The last time I spoke about my inability to manage my time in other posts …….Getting Organised  ………Struggling To Keep Up A To Do List ……dreaming ……..Old Habits Die Hard ……….

Sadly, there seems to be a recurring theme here.

Fellow blogger Barbara Friedberg very kindly recommended that I buy a book called “Time Management From The Inside Out” by Julie Morgenstern. I bought the book – its great – but I can’t bring myself to finish reading it.

It nails my colours to the mast and exposes me for what I am – I’m three chapters in and a little worried that If I continue reading it will complete a massive character assassination on me.

Oh dear – An impasse

I’ve’ve also read a book about beating procrastination – i read it – then said right this is great – I’m going to start doing it tomorrow.You already know what happened the next day – tomorrow never comes.

During the hours I spend trawling the internet (while I should be working and completing tasks) I often come across little snippets which resonate with me.

Try this one…..”some people dream of success while others wake up and work real hard at it”

How apt that is for me.

Another one ….”if you want to get something done, ask a busy person” – which I read as a busy person is a doer,,,, someone with an empty diary has an empty diary for a reason.

My diary is empty………. my to do list is blank…….my mind is spinning.

Here is a picture of my work diary for this week………..

navel gazing



No more blog posts now for 7 days. Its time to shut up, stop talking and do it.

Time to break the cycle. The Navel Gazing period has to come to an end.

I’m going to start by finishing Julie Morgensterns book – and try to follow her program.

Wish me luck!


  1. While somewhat simplified, my approach is to make a daily list (generally mentally, occasionally written down) of what I want to accomplish that day (e.g. balance checkbook, workout, check on investment portfolio, develop five questions for my blog’s quiz, etc.) and put every effort into getting those things done early in the day. My experience has been that the longer I wait in the day to do something, the less likely I am to get it done. There are 14.2367 million distractions out there! When I do get those things done early, I don’t feel guilty – or frustrated for not getting ‘something’ done – if I lounge around watching TV or surfing the Internet later in the day

    Good luck, my friend.

  2. Yeah, good luck Mike!

    I’ve only just discovered your blog , but already feel for you, hope you get on top of things soon.

  3. Well,what can one comment about something like this. I wish there is something that I could say more than wish you good luck. One thing I know though: you are not alone in this kind of struggle and I am sure that you can still attain success. Perhaps you need not be so grand about achieving it all at the same time. One easy, simple step at a time. No matter how slow, as long as the steps go forward, you will reach your goal. :) The best of luck to you!

  4. I come from a long line of procrastinators so I struggle with it all the time. But sometimes I feel that way because I set the bar pretty high. I just looked at my to-do list from last week, 15 things completed!
    My main trick is to just start. If you need to clean the house, don’t set out to clean the house, just pick up one sock. Before you know it, you’ll be in the groove and moving.
    But the best advice (which I don’t follow — yet) is to kill your television.

    Glad you used the saying “if you want something done, ask a busy person” — it’s one of my favorite sayings. I use that all the time!

  5. I love your self awareness. It’s hard sometimes to recognize that we arent’ doing as much (or anything) as we could to get ahead and better our position. Looks like you have a plan!

  6. You’ve taken a big first step by confronting your struggle. What helped me when I found myself procrastinating is to write down a simple plan to accomplish a task. By accomplishing even a small task, builds confidence and a desire to finish what you started. Best of luck to you!

  7. Thanks for all you kind words – I’m gonna crack this nut if its the last thing I do……………………………………….

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