A Slow Progression

I’ve just had a re -read of some of my recent posts – oh dear – I didn’t realise what a miserable, ungrateful, grumpy old git I have become.

Sorry for inflicting my navel gazing on you.

Its a monday morning, and like every monday morning – its a bright new start to the working week.

Welcome to the new SUNNY grwm – I am going to try following my own advice this week – and intend to smile more often, say yes more and tell my family how much I love them and how special they are to me more often.

I didn’t get much reading in over the weekend – I spent most of the time looking after mini grwm – and I also went to a great bonfire party.

Bonfires bring the 13 year old in me back out to play. I had a great time with all my middle aged fishing friends, building the biggest, best and highest bonfire I’ve seen in years. More than a few cans of beer were supped and a sing song rounded off a great evening.

Bonfire night fire

How can I be miserable after that !

Anyway –

I’ve just listed my blog on Technorati

Apparently I have to display this code before they let me in their club – VJ5NN39Q7HRW

Its like joining a secret club woo hoo !

I need your help! I’ve been looking at ways of expanding my readership – but am new to this blogging game

Can anyone recommend or point me to some article which show how to get traffic from reddit or pinterest ?

Do you think these are good sources of web traffic or should I be looking elsewhere

Happy Monday !



  1. We all have those moments where we realize that we haven’t been happy campers – it’s great that you have some self awareness! I love bonfires. They are so much fun. As to getting more traffic from Pinterest, it’s difficult in the PF niche, because we don’t really write articles that are particularly pin-able, but I’m sure you’ll be able to increase it a bit.

    • Thanks for the support. I think I am going to concentrate on work for a while and stop wasting time trying to up my stats via social networking. It seems as though it takes a lot of work for not that much reward

  2. You know, sometimes it’s okay to just write based on whatever your thoughts are at the moment. Whether happy or blah. As for Pinterest, I’ve read/heard about a few PF bloggers getting quite a bit of traffic from it, so it’s clearly possible. Personally, I haven’t spent enough time focusing on Pinterest….only so much time available!

    • I’m not unhappy with my traffic, just a little greedy I suppose.
      In reality the big picture for me is sorting out my work life rather than spending endless hours worrying about blog stats.
      I have a feeling that if I can sort out my personal disorganisation, and get work back on track then the blog stats will naturally follow.

  3. I love bonfires too! It’s amazing how just starting a little fire can make adults and kids alike totally content to just chill and do not much at all.. Keep up the good work with the blog, my friend. Don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind.

  4. It is important to have some sort of outlets, isn’t it? The battle we call life can sometimes make us become grumpy and grouchy but hey, you bounced back and that’s important.

    • To be honest – I’ve always been a bit of a grouch. I just get over it and try not to inflict it on others.
      The sun is shining this morning, I walked to work with a spring in my step and life rolls on.

  5. Mike, I think it’s always nice to have a personal post to see the real side of the person behind the blog. Keep it up. I’m definitely subscribed.

    • Thanks for you comment – I’ve never really intended this blog to become another “10 best ways to save” or “5 best credit card” type of sites.
      I have a dream of becoming financially independent – but have few issues to sort out along the way.
      If I can do it – anyone can

  6. I think a great part of blogging is keeping it real. If you’re having an off day, that’s a whole new source of inspiration for material for your blog posts. If you’re having a great day, that’s a whole new source of inspiration too! In terms of traffic, Twitter works well for me. I haven’t done much with Pinterest yet! Maybe in the future though. I love bonfires – I had great fun at one recently with my daughter. Her eyes lit up with wonder at this amazing bonfire!

  7. Twitter seems a little quicker too

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