Twitter Waste Of Time


Twitter Waste Of Time I've had a Twitter account now for 12 months - and for the first time ever - my followers now outnumber the people I follow. However I've come to the conclusion that Twitter is nothing but a waste of time. Sold to many people (like me) as a "must do" for social engagment and building a blog/website audience it just sucks. Its taken me a year to build a following/follower base - and for the first time yesterday my followers outnumbered the people I'm following - does it matter ???? - not one bit. No one appreciates the fact that I follow them, and no one reads the tweets that I put out. Yesterday I tweeted this.....   to over 2,000 … [Read more...]

Better For Some, Worse For Others

Best Home For Your Savings

As Personal Debt Shrinks for Some, Others Face Crisis The way people spend money reveals a great deal about their financial attitudes. And if the recent uptick in consumer spending is any indication, UK shoppers are feeling pretty good about the economic recovery. But economic trends send mixed signals, so it makes sense to consider the big picture before jumping to conclusions. And though positive economic activity is good, by most measures, spending driven by debt is unsustainable. As many borrowers found out in 2008, taking-on too much debt leads to catastrophic outcomes. And though stop gap measures have been fortified within the mortgage industry, a new wave of debt is showing up, … [Read more...]

Payday Mugging

Payday Mugging

Payday Mugging No one wants to be the victim of a mugging. We’re all shocked when something like this happens in our neighbourhood. There is outrage on the news, and column inches written in the press. My last post about how taking out a short term payday loan can have a long term negative impact on your credit rating made me realise that payday loans are nothing but a legalised financial payday mugging. So rather than being a payday mug – I think it’s right that this post should be about the alternatives to taking out a payday loan. Reading about students using payday loans to buy concert tickets, without realising the damage they are doing to their long term financial prospects, … [Read more...]

Breaking The Chains

Breaking The Chains

Its been a good week. I think I've made tremendous progress in breaking the chains that have been tying my mind up in knots over the last few weeks. Breaking the chains of procrastination hasn't been easy, and going through a period of navel gazing , identifying your own personality flaws isn't an enjoyable process. The good news is that I liked myself a couple of weeks ago, and I still like myself today even though I know realise that I'm not as perfect as I once thought I was. The first thing I did after last weeks angst ridden post,  was to finish the Julie Morgenstern book about time management - and realised way before reaching the end of the book, that time management was … [Read more...]

Struggling To Keep Up A To Do List

The year of Systems

Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep up a to do list ? In my drive to become more organised, a better businessman and generally more efficient I decided to start using a to do list. See Procrastination - A Blight On My Life or Old Habits Die Hard and Getting Organised It didn't last long. Less than a week in fact, as I ticked off all the nice and easy jobs on the list but then backed out of doing the "tough stuff" So I feel as though I'm back to square one again. Struggling to keep up a to do list has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. As you can see its something that has been at the fore front of my mind recently but breaking the chains … [Read more...]

A Networking Disaster

sagres storm

You couldn't make it up - the first networking event I've attended in ages turned into a networking disaster. Firstly there were very few people there - less than 20. And secondly most of the people who were attending were sole traders, or small new business start ups, not my target market of existing companies with 5 or more employees. I did however stick to my principles of networking. I remembered everyones name, asked nice easy open questions and then sat back and listened. The most interesting people I met were a guy who was importing wines from Bulgaria, and the Black Sea region (I've been to this region on holiday in the past - they do have some great wine) Another … [Read more...]

Getting Organised

004 (3)

I think I'm having trouble getting organised. Trying to juggle running a business, a family, a blog,  a side hustle and a very active social life has left me feeling rather frazzled recently. I'm beginning to question if I'm doing any of them particularly well?  If spreading my attention in too many areas means that I'm only skimming the surface in each? Lots of projects - lots of  sticky notes and reminders, a cluttered workspace - and a rotten short term memory.  None of this is helping me progress and I think its about time, that getting organised has to become one of my immediate priorities. Most importantly, am I giving my business clients a good value for money service? … [Read more...]