Twitter Waste Of Time


Twitter Waste Of Time I've had a Twitter account now for 12 months - and for the first time ever - my followers now outnumber the people I follow. However I've come to the conclusion that Twitter is nothing but a waste of time. Sold to many people (like me) as a "must do" for social engagment and building a blog/website audience it just sucks. Its taken me a year to build a following/follower base - and for the first time yesterday my followers outnumbered the people I'm following - does it matter ???? - not one bit. No one appreciates the fact that I follow them, and no one reads the tweets that I put out. Yesterday I tweeted this.....   to over 2,000 … [Read more...]

Breaking The Chains

Breaking The Chains

Its been a good week. I think I've made tremendous progress in breaking the chains that have been tying my mind up in knots over the last few weeks. Breaking the chains of procrastination hasn't been easy, and going through a period of navel gazing , identifying your own personality flaws isn't an enjoyable process. The good news is that I liked myself a couple of weeks ago, and I still like myself today even though I know realise that I'm not as perfect as I once thought I was. The first thing I did after last weeks angst ridden post,  was to finish the Julie Morgenstern book about time management - and realised way before reaching the end of the book, that time management was … [Read more...]

Getting Organised

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I think I'm having trouble getting organised. Trying to juggle running a business, a family, a blog,  a side hustle and a very active social life has left me feeling rather frazzled recently. I'm beginning to question if I'm doing any of them particularly well?  If spreading my attention in too many areas means that I'm only skimming the surface in each? Lots of projects - lots of  sticky notes and reminders, a cluttered workspace - and a rotten short term memory.  None of this is helping me progress and I think its about time, that getting organised has to become one of my immediate priorities. Most importantly, am I giving my business clients a good value for money service? … [Read more...]