Twitter Waste Of Time

Twitter Waste Of Time

I’ve had a Twitter account now for 12 months – and for the first time ever – my followers now outnumber the people I follow.


However I’ve come to the conclusion that Twitter is nothing but a waste of time.

Sold to many people (like me) as a “must do” for social engagment and building a blog/website audience it just sucks.

Its taken me a year to build a following/follower base – and for the first time yesterday my followers outnumbered the people I’m following – does it matter ???? – not one bit.

No one appreciates the fact that I follow them, and no one reads the tweets that I put out.

Yesterday I tweeted this…..



to over 2,000 followers – not a single favourite/reader/liker.

So why bother with it ……….. because some so called media expert says that its “ESSENTIAL” ?

Take a look at my stats


2191 people who dont read anything I write – and 2190 people who I dont read or care about either.

I get so many notices – messages – alerts etc…… it all just becomes spam – which gets ignored

Twitter for me now, is just a medium where people can follow celebrities – and those celebrities rarely engage back with their readers, because their accounts are managed by publicists.

I feel as though I have to keep my Twitter a/c open – because it will affect my websites ranking in search engines – however its just a waste of time and energy – twitter waste of time




  1. I’ve found this to be true most of the time, but then there are also the few times when you really do connect with someone. I think the problem stems that a lot of people are just constantly streaming links to different posts over and over. When you have 100s of tweets in a day, do you really think people are reading those tweets? And then if they are following 100s of people just like you…well then it becomes even worse in your Twitter feed. You end up missing the quality ones because it’s too much to filter through.

  2. I wouldn’t say that twitter is a total waste, but it can be ineffective depending on how it’s used. I’ve found that the best way to get attention is to give attention, retweeting and favoriting people in your stream usually brings some interaction. Just followed you BTW :-)

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