Who Wants To Be A Billionaire ?

Who wants to be a billionaire

I watched this interesting program on TV last night

Who Wants to Be A Billionaire

One guy Naveen Jain was especially interesting, and gave away some great one liners

“When you tell someone what you’re doing and they don’t think its a crazy idea – then you’re thinking too small”

“I work long hours – there is no substitute”

” No matter how smart you are – there is no substitute for hard work”

” If you want to succeed in life you have to be at your best – and the only way to be at your best is to give 100% of yourself”

Interviewer Question – “A lot of people believe that entrepreneurs take risks” – Naveen Jain response  “No its not true at all….entrepreneurs hate risk, only play a game that you can win”.

“Making money is a by product of doing things you really enjoy doing, making money is never a goal in itself. You have to enjoy the process in order to get to the end result. If you only focus on the end goal then you will never achieve that goal.”

It was a really interesting program which took in 2 other billionaires stories as well. But i seemed to feel more of a connection to Naveen.

There are loads of books out there which focus on the “Millionaire Mindset” – which are really interesting. And show that the majority of people get rich by doing simple things consistently well.



  1. Love the quote about risk, and find it very true. We rarely take risk here, but we are finding all sorts of awesome business opportunities that are on the safer side.

  2. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to have so much money. It could be a good thing but seems like it would have some downside as well. I just want to have enough to pay bills, save for retirement and be generous to others. Certainly want to be comfortable but don’t want my life to be all about the money I have.

  3. I agree there is no substitute for hard , but it can warrant different results for people. I don’t think hard work is the be all, end all to success and wealth. I’d love to be a bilionaire, and am definitely working hard :)

  4. Great quotes there!

    Where abouts are you based? UK I take it?

  5. I hear this mindset all the time, from the people who have actually made it big. There must be truth in what they’re saying. I think the simplest reduction of the principles you’ve picked up from the TV program can be expressed as: Be, Do, Have (in that order). From that we can see now how the money – even the billions of it – comes last, at the end of that process.

    I saw the ad for the show but missed it…I think I’ll watch it on catchup now, thanks!

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